All areas of roof maintenance are covered here, primarily in the Great Manchester area.

Gutter Cleaning

Don't let your guttering get like this. The gutters are an integral part of your roof and it's vital that they're kept cleaned and maintained. Neglect can lead to costly problems. Renown can clean, repair or replace guttering to keep things flowing smoothly

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Chimney Cowls

This unused chimney stack was causing an internal damp issue. We have dropped the disused tv aerial, cleaned off the chimney top and re-skimmed in sound sand and cement. A 'pepperpot' cowl has then been fitted to prevent rainwater penetrating but maintaining ventilation. We would recommend this work being carried out to all disused chimney [...]

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Winter Roof Preparations

Hey Everybody ! Steve O’Grady of Renown Roofing. I’m Steve from Renown Roofing Manchester and this is my debut blog on our new website. Considering the time of year, thought I’d first talk about some checks and preparations you may consider making to your roof that will make it ready for [...]

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