Chimney Cowls

This unused chimney stack was causing an internal damp issue.

We have dropped the disused tv aerial, cleaned off the chimney top and re-skimmed in sound sand and cement. A ‘pepperpot’ cowl has then been fitted to prevent rainwater penetrating but maintaining ventilation.

We would recommend this work being carried out to all disused chimney stacks.

Please see our chimney repairs page for further information.

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Alongside his dad Peter O'Grady, Steve runs Renown Roofing and maintains the website.

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  1. Glyn Chatterton 16th February 2018 at 3:03 pm - Reply

    Steve was doing a small job for us at church recently & asked him if he could call & have a quick look at our chimney stack (some damp evident in the bedroom to rear of property). Came round next day and advised us what needed doing and promised to do the work as soon as there was a suitable opportunity weatherwise – working on a roof in the rain snow and sleet is not much fun!! Telephoned last week to say weather permitting it was in the diary for the coming Thursday. Came as promised (that’s a plus these days) and undertook the work cleaning off chimney stack & replaced cement on top, installed a ‘pepper pot’ cowl to prevent further rain ingression, replaced flashing round the base of the stack & removed a redundant television aerial for us. Nice guys, good workers, fair price for work involved and left everywhere clean and tidy after they had finished.

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