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Winter Roof Preparations

Hey Everybody !

steve ogrady

Steve O’Grady of Renown Roofing.

I’m Steve from Renown Roofing Manchester and this is my debut blog on our new website.
Considering the time of year, thought I’d first talk about some checks and preparations you may consider making to your roof that will make it ready for the coming winter months when it will be exposed to the harshest of conditions. For a relatively small outlay these can prevent costly problems occurring. Prevention is often the cure!

1. Chimney Stacks

Chimney stacks are probably the no. 1 potential problem area on your roof. An unprotected and unmaintained stack offers an open internal path to rainwater, which will eventually cause damp and damage inside.

All redundant chimney pots should be capped with a pepperpot cowl like the one below.

pepperpot cowl

A Pepperpot Cowl preventing water going down the chimney stack.

The pepperpot (for obvious reasons !) prevents any water penetration down the stack but still allows ventilation. Made of terracotta they cost about £25 each and we reckon they’re essential.

Roofers tip: they also make an excellent pot for growing strawberries !

Active chimneys are fortunate in that when in operation, some drying occurs when heat and fumes travel up the stack but it’s still important to have the correct cowl fitted. We can advise you on the correct cowl for your type of fire. See our chimney repairs page for more info.

2. Ridge Tiles

Have you been finding mysterious pieces of mortar around your garden and path area?

If so you may want to look at the ridge tiles on your roof. Chances are it’s perished cement that has fallen away from the ridges leaving them vulnerable to storms and high winds. This is a particular risk to properties in open locations.
We will take out all the perished mortar and re-point the ridge tiles in new with an added hardening agent. Re-pointing an average semi detached property with a side hip costs about £350 but it’s money well spent. We have often been called out to emergency repairs, to find dislodged ridge tiles embedded in the bonnets and roofs of some nice cars!

ridge tile re point

Ridge tiles being re-pointed.

3. Guttering

Last but not least guttering.  Your gutter system will soon be put to its most serious test with the heavy winter rainfall (welcome to Manchester !) It’s important that it is cleared of all Autumn leaf debris and the joints and seals are checked.

For properties in tree rich locations we would recommend installing the Hedgehog gutter guard system.

hedgehog gutter guard

Hedgehog Gutter Guard

This is laid into the gutter, the bristles trap debris and allow rainwater to keep flowing away beneath.  It’s a once done job that could save costly damage. Again, for more information you can see our Guttering and Fascias page.

Even with the best preparations there are still those ‘Acts Of God’ that nobody can avoid. If this happens then use our 24 hour emergency service. Good luck for the winter everyone!





November 03rd, 2015

Category: Roof Maintenance