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Roofing Terminology Explained

Roofing Terminology Explained

Soffits, valleys, eaves, hips, flashing… Roofing terminology is full of words and phrases that well, let’s be honest, make little sense to anyone but us roofers.

It doesn’t have to be like this though. Having a good grasp of roofing terminology has two major benefits:

  1. When your roof needs attention it helps you accurately describe to your roofer where you feel the problem is.
  2. It means a roofer can accurately describe the work needed to repair/maintain the roof. If calling out roofing firms for the first time this makes comparing quotes far easier!


Over the next few months the team here at Renown Roofing will be putting together a series of articles to help give an idea of the phrases we use everyday and what exactly they mean. In addition to describing this roofing terminology we will also point out the possible areas of weaknesses within each section of the roof, what to look out for and how often you should expect to replace certain hardware on the roof.


Roofing Terminology – what to look out for on your roof

Some areas of the roof are more susceptible to different kinds of weather than others. Chimney stacks for example take the full force of winds and rain and need to be kept in especially good condition to avoid degradation. The wind can cause all sorts havoc, from blowing off chimney pots to planting seeds (yes, we have been know to pull small plants from the base of chimney stacks, causing huge issues to the pointing!). Our roofing terminology guide will help you be aware of where you need to look to spot issues before they get any worse.

Other areas can suffer from different problems, slates and tiles can perish over time and be blown off in the wind (often hiding in gutters), underlay can perish, ridge tiles can need repointing after a particularly heavy winter and flashing, the water tight bond that links the roof sections together is crucial for keeping out the elements (we will go into this in more detail soon).

We have already made a start with roof valleys with information on chimneys following soon. We’ll then work our way through the rest of the roofing terminology we use each day, hopefully proving helpful to you next time you call out your local roofer!

March 19th, 2016

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