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Locations We Cover

Renown Roofing. A local family team of roofers in Manchester

Renown Roofing are an expert family team of roofers based in Urmston, Manchester. We have a long history (30+ years!) of serving customers in the local area, both residential and commercial alike, which certainly puts us among the more experienced roofers in Manchester! We have worked all over urmston, probably on every street at some time or another, so it’s fair to say we know the houses (and their roofs) pretty well. Urmston has a real mix of properties, large and small, from bungalows to large full storey properties. With such a large local pool of housing stock this has given us a wealth of experience that covers practically every roofing scenario, from the victorian slate tiled terrace to a newly built property using a modern roofing system such as the Sandtoft dry ridge tile system (as highlighted on our re-roofing page).

Urmston and Beyond!

Urmston also has the advantage of placing us right next to the M60 motorway, putting Renown Roofing in the ideal location for accessing our surrounding areas. This location means we spend many of our days working in Manchester suburbs such as Swinton, Chorlton, Didsbury, Eccles, Worsley and everywhere in-between. It’s amazing how often people see our Renown Roofing van driving around their local area, we must be among the most travelled of roofers in Manchester.

Our 24 hour callout service

If you need roofers in Manchester at anytime we are here to help. Being so well located means we also are able to offer our 24 hour emergency service to the surrounding area. If you have a roofing issue that needs emergency attention please contact us anytime. If humanly possible we’ll be there.

As longstanding roofers in Manchester we are here to help. Whether it’s a quick repair or full re-roof from Altrincham to Eccles we offer the most comprehensive and competitive service around!  

For more information or to speak to our team directly please see our contact page.